Curb-to-Curb Transportation

Anyone who cannot drive and has a disability that makes reliance on public transportation difficult may be eligible for assistance from Access Paratransit.

To apply, you must call 800-827-0829 (and then Press 1).  You will be asked a few basic questions including, What places do you usually travel and how often? If your answers show that you might be eligible, you will be mailed an application form.  After completing it, you may call to schedule a meeting with an Access Transit Evaluator who will determine your eligibility to receive an Access Paratransit pass.

At the meeting, the evaluator will ask if you can:

  •  Get and remember bus information.
  •  Locate and recognize the appropriate bus or train.
  •  Pay the necessary fare.
  •  Get to a seat or other secure area.
  •  Handle unexpected situations.

If your application is approved, you’ll be able to use Access Paratransit’s curb-to-curb shared-ride service.  One van will pick up several riders at a time, and will transport each to their requested destinations. And, if you need a friend or family member to help you move to-and-from the curb, Access will also provide your personal care attendant with its discounted transportation rate.

Always be sure to have the exact cash or purchased coupons when entering the Access van. If the distance you’ll be traveling is less than 20 miles, the cost of one-way transportation will be $2.25.  If the distance is farther, the cost will be $3. Although most Access Paratransit services are limited to Los Angeles, just like other local bus lines, it may transport you to parts of San Bernardino, Orange and Ventura Counties.

To get a copy of the Access Rider’s Guide, go online to Access
or call an Access customer service representative at 800-827-0829 (and then Press 1).