Caregiving Tools

Residential Care Referral Services

Finding Residential Care can be confusing and is often a maze to navigate. H.E.L.P. has created a set of strategies and a listing of local resources to help you out with this.

Losing Communication Skills

Medical problems (strokes and other causes of damage to the brain) can shut down a person’s ability to speak and write. If a family member or friend has lost the ability to speak and write, what’s to be done?

Hiring Home Care: Things to Know

Many older adults prefer to receive the care they need in the familiarity and comfort of their own homes. How can an older adult obtain that care? If you are helping an elder family member or friend obtain care, how can you increase the likelihood of a good at-home care experience?

Help for the Exhausted Caregiver

You want your elder family member to be able to live at home. You don’t want to have to move him or her to assisted living, board and care, or a nursing home.

Getting it Your Way: Hospice at Home

Whether we want to or not, each of us will die someday. Many of us, because we’ll have been dealing with a life-threatening illness, will know that “the end” is coming.

Elder Care Needs Inventory

Have an elder family member or friend who isn’t eating (or eating cereal three meals a day)? Or whose refrigerator is empty? Or who seems to be mixing up their medications? Or whose apartment is a mess? Or who isn’t keeping themselves clean?

Does Mom or Dad Need Care at Home?

Chris is concerned about Terri, his mom. Terri seems to have been eating cereal for all her meals and whose refrigerator is nearly empty. And Terri seems to be mixing up her medications.