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There Can Be an Upside to Aging

Question: I am part of a book group of couples who are their late 60s and 70s.  Some members are upbeat about aging; others are rather down on it.  The subject of getting old seems to come up regularly.  Is there a consensus on the benefits of aging?   

Intimate Relationships Can Continue Into Old Age

Question: I am a single woman close to 70 who is considering dating again after many years.  I wonder about what to expect now, aside from the likelihood of a partner taking Viagra?   Should I just assume that at my age, the game is over?

Separating Myth from Fact About Age, Work

Dear readers, Employment is a significant issue on both national and personal levels.  Although surveys indicate that employers have a positive attitude towards older workers, that attitude often has little effect on hiring decisions.  Unfortunately ageism is still alive and well. Instead of a Q & A, I would like to share some facts. Take […]

Be the Best You Can Be in Middle and Later Years

Dear Readers: We have reason to celebrate.  We are living in a time of extraordinary opportunities to age successfully. Here is a confession:  I did not invent the concept “successful aging.” 

For Many Seniors, Home Is Where the Help Is

Question: I am 80 and my husband is 85.  If I should survive my husband, I do not know where I would live.  I cannot imagine living alone in my home.  Being with people and feeling engaged is extremely important to me.  I am a vibrant type of lady.  What are my choices?     

On the Trail of Female Pioneers

Question: I am a 66-year-old female theater producer who was active in the women’s movement in the late ‘60s.  My success has been directly influenced Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem and others.  I know the “up” sides of the women’s movement.  Have there been any down sides?  Just curious. 

How to Raise Kids…Again

Question: My wife and I are in our mid-60s and own a small business.  We’ve worked hard all of our lives so we could retire and do what we wanted to do.  We now have full custody of our two grandchildren, 7 and 10 whom we love.  We are committed to provide the best life […]

Keeping Minds Sharp

Question: Do you have any suggestions on how to find a tutor to help seniors keep their minds sharp?  I am looking for a tutor that would come to my home and work with a senior on a weekly basis – on reading, comprehension, math and other related areas.  We keep reading and hearing how […]

The Trials of Baby Boomer Job Hunt

Question: When will I know it’s time to stop looking for a job and accept retirement? After completing two master’s degrees and certificates to practice a career – and years wondering what to do when I grow up – I am sitting here about to turn 60. Did I miss something? When was I supposed […]

Baby Boomer’s Status Is Changing

Question: As a 55-year old baby boomer woman, I feel I am at a disadvantage in finding a well-paying job.  Maybe it’s because I never believed age would get in my way.  Weren’t the boomers supposed to have it all?  What happened?