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Keep up to date with our RSS feed

Author: Tim Gray

You can keep up with the latest SeniorTruth posts by using our RSS feed. To start using the feed, click the RSS link on the right side under Links.

Don’t know what an RSS feed is?

An RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) feed is a way to bring all our latest updates from SeniorTruth to you, via a Feed Aggregator. It’s kinda like a auto-updating bookmark that brings you all our content. The better question is “how can I use the SeniorTruth RSS feed?”

There are many ways to view our RSS feed via a web interface like iGoogle or your personalized home page, or through desktop programs like FeedReader. For more discussions and article on RSS feeds see the links below.

A Wikipedia entry for RSS
The Feedburner intro to RSS
Using RSS feeds in Firefox
Using RSS feeds in Internet Explorer

The above links are only a few of the companies that deal with RSS feed, there are many other vendors and services out there.

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