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Archive for February, 2012

Change perception of cane use to ‘can do’

Question: I am a 76-year-old woman who recently had back surgery. Before my back problems I was active and physically fit. Although I am grateful I can walk, I am unhappy using a cane. It makes me feel old and I wonder if others now see me as an old woman. Being 76 doesn’t make […]

Ask doctors, pharmacists for medication details

Dear readers: This week’s column continues our discussion of medication and older adults. The question is: What can we do to reduce chances of medication errors and complications? We know that as we age, we take more medicine. A Kaiser Family Foundation survey of more than 17,000 older adults found that of the 89 percent […]

Ensuring drug safety, effectiveness with multiple medications

Question: My 84-year-old father is the primary care provider for my mother, who is 82. He is very much in charge. With the many prescription drugs she is taking, I am concerned about the combinations and dosages. I would like to give him some advice in a gentle way. Can you help? – L.J. Dear […]