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Archive for October, 2011

Losing Weight

Question:  My mother is 86 years old and healthy.  I recently noticed that she is looking a lot thinner, particularly her arms.  Her clothes are loose and her movements are more tentative.  The doctor says nothing is wrong.  Her friends and I keep telling her that she needs to eat more.  I don’t think she […]

Best Employers for Workers 50+

Question. I’ve been looking for a fulltime job for the past year and a half.  A few small contracts have kept me busy, but don’t pay enough to cover my living expenses.  Sad to say, my plan is to return to Canada since I just can’t make it here. I wonder, are U.S. employers really […]

Internet Dating

Question:  I am in my late-sixties and have been a widow for three years.  My children urge me to date and go online.  I am somewhat reluctant.  I’ve never chased men; they were always after me.  How does one even begin this process?  I have a sense that this online dating is really for the […]

Completing Ten Years

Dear readers: It’s hard to believe that I am completing 10 years of writing the Successful Aging column. That means it’s time to ask the question, “What have I learned? Older adults are fit. In a column about 90- year olds, I referenced a study about nonagenarians conducted at UC Irvine.  A woman from Florida […]