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Question.  I am a 75-year old man and until recently have been successful as a serial entrepreneur.  Fast cars (Ferraris) have been my passion as well as expensive watches, fine food and wine.  All have been affordable, but now so much has changed.  My wife who was the love of my life died; I have […]

AARP Annual Expo

#485 AARP:  Stakeholders in Aging Dear Readers: This week I attended AARP’s annual expo Life@50+ held in Los Angeles.  The event drew about 20,000 people attending 70 different events in a venue encompassing the Convention Center, Nokia Theatre and the Staples Center.  Although the cast of speakers was terrific, what interested me most was the […]

Adopt Rituals to Prevent an Energy Crisis

Question: I am almost 80 and angry – angry at my body because it can’t do what it used to do.  At one time, I was able to climb up on the kitchen counter to reach a high shelf.  I don’t do that anymore.  And, I am tired — too tired to exercise.  By the […]

We All Can Learn From Active Nonagenarians

Today, there are almost 2 million nonagenarians in the U.S. That number is expected to reach 2.6 million in 2020 and could reach 12 million in a couple of decades. We don’t know much about this age group.  In fact, we know more about frail older adults living in nursing homes than we do about […]

‘Elderhood” Can Be A Meaningful Stage Of Life

Question: I am feeling guilty for not being productive in retirement.  Is this just part of the retirement process? Answer: Your question leads to a larger one.  And that is, what exactly are the expectations from someone in retirement, particularly if that someone is older?  Is this a new life stage?

Productivity Is Different, But Still Important, In Retirement

Question. I was the executive director of a nonprofit organization and retired two years ago.   Since then, I have taken up photography and just love it. Yet, there are too many times when I feel guilty for not being productive.  Is this just part of the retirement process?  How do I let go of the […]

Estimating Life Expectancy Not an Easy Task

Question. I am 59-years old and in the process of modifying my financial plan for retirement.  I have no idea how long I will live.  How do we go about making some best guesses?  Do I base my calculations on the age of my parents who both are in their 8os? Answer.  If we only […]