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Archive for May, 2011

Ways to Support Stressed Caregivers

Question: My sister, who is 64, has been taking care of her husband, a cancer patient, for several years while working 30 hours a week.  I fear she is stressed too far and nearing the end of her string and is showing it in bouts of anger followed by depression. She is aware of the […]

Facing the Challenges of Alzheimer’s Disease

Dear Readers: I recently returned from the Aging in America conference, presented by the American Society on Aging. One of the most compelling, enlightening and disturbing sessions was on Alzheimer’s disease.  Part of my mission for today’s column is to increase awareness of the challenge and potential crisis that will face us as a nation […]

Job Hunt Harder for Older Workers

Question: My husband and I are both 58 years old and have had an excellent education. At the moment, we are significantly underemployed. I was very successful with my own business.  My husband had a very successful career in the media. Now I am a part-time librarian at a middle school and my husband is […]