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Archive for February, 2011

Lives Are More Than the Things We Collect

Question: My husband of 43 years died about two years ago. I am just going through his papers in several file cabinets in my crowded garage. He never threw away a piece of paper. I am in the process of saving and tossing – doing most of the latter. It struck me: Is this what […]

Keeping Up With the Pace of the Corporate World

Question: I have been in the technology business for 40 years with my current company. I would like to stay but am finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the pace of change in my current role. I’ve received a number of awards from my company and believe I still have value, but the […]

Elderly Memory Loss May Be a Matter of Perception

Question: Now that I am not working, I feel I am losing some ability to articulate and am less effective than I was.  My sentences don’t come as easily as they did when I was working and I just seem more forgetful.  I am okay with this, but just curious.  Is this typical or do […]