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Archive for December, 2010

Older Job Seekers Need Flexibility and a Plan B

Question: I am one of those experienced workers you write about with over 24 years of sales background. I have made 24 applications for jobs and nothing.  I patronize stores and see gum chewing, inexperienced, unkempt, cell-phone talking sales associates.    I find that if you are well-spoken, neat, trim and pass all of the tests, […]

There Can Be an Upside to Aging

Question: I am part of a book group of couples who are their late 60s and 70s.  Some members are upbeat about aging; others are rather down on it.  The subject of getting old seems to come up regularly.  Is there a consensus on the benefits of aging?   

Intimate Relationships Can Continue Into Old Age

Question: I am a single woman close to 70 who is considering dating again after many years.  I wonder about what to expect now, aside from the likelihood of a partner taking Viagra?   Should I just assume that at my age, the game is over?