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Archive for November, 2010

Determine Needs Before Searching for a Caregiver

Question: My father-in-law is 98 years old, in good health but with poor eyesight.  After many years of taking care of my mother-in-law and now my father-in-law, I am tired.  To keep him at home, I need some help.  Where do I begin?  Many thanks.

Separating Myth from Fact About Age, Work

Dear readers, Employment is a significant issue on both national and personal levels.  Although surveys indicate that employers have a positive attitude towards older workers, that attitude often has little effect on hiring decisions.  Unfortunately ageism is still alive and well. Instead of a Q & A, I would like to share some facts. Take […]

Time Seems to Fly Faster As We Get Older

Question: My biggest complaint about aging is that time is accelerating rapidly.  I am very active with full days of working with the nonprofit I have launched, am mentally engaged and never bored.  But time just goes by too fast.  How do you slow down time — not literally but perceptually?  It’s Sunday and then […]