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Archive for August, 2010

Medical Exam Can Eliminate Doubts

Question: My children want me to move into a retirement facility which I am resisting.  I’d rather not be with all of those old people.  Just the thought of it depresses me.   At 75, my children believe I am old, and quite honestly I resent it.  They suggest that my current car is the last […]

Palliative Care is Humane End-of-Life

Question: My father recently died at the age of 87 in a hospital in the Midwest. His condition was terminal, which, despite his age, was very difficult to accept. After much family discussion, we requested palliative care, which his physician refused. His doctor said he was bound by the Hippocratic Oath. We were distraught. We […]

Tips for Helping With Long-Distance Caregiving

Question: I am 81 years old and a full-time caregiver to my wife of the same age.  My sister is 90 and lives in her own home about 100 miles from me. Currently my brother, age 86, provides most of her care – cooking, doctor appointments, shopping, gardening and home maintenance.  He suffers from severe […]

How grandparents can avoid gift-giving pitfalls

Question: I am a 64-year-old grandmother who adores her grandchildren ages 3 and 6. I enjoy giving them toys; unfortunately, they don’t seem to appreciate them. Thank-yous occur if they are repeatedly prompted by their parents. Yet the children expect something from me when I visit. Am I just dealing with a spoiled family?

LGBT Elders Face Special Retirement Concerns

Question: I have neighbors who are in their 60s and gay.  They talk about retirement and some of the problems they foresee.  I am just curious – are their issues different from heterosexual couples?