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Archive for May, 2010

Tripping Over Issue of Independence

Question: My 83-year old mother took a serious fall in the street that landed her in the emergency ward, intensive care, the regular hospital and finally in rehabilitation.    She is a fiercely independent fabulous lady who walks two miles a day, takes classes at a university, drives and goes to movies, the ballet, museums and […]

Be the Best You Can Be in Middle and Later Years

Dear Readers: We have reason to celebrate.  We are living in a time of extraordinary opportunities to age successfully. Here is a confession:  I did not invent the concept “successful aging.” 

Nana Doesn’t Want to be Nanny

Question: I recently retired as an occupational therapist.  It’s work that I always have loved.  I now am a full time nanny to my darling baby granddaughter.  My daughter and her husband can afford child care but feel more comfortable with me.  I am just sorting out my own transition and really did not envision […]

For Many Seniors, Home Is Where the Help Is

Question: I am 80 and my husband is 85.  If I should survive my husband, I do not know where I would live.  I cannot imagine living alone in my home.  Being with people and feeling engaged is extremely important to me.  I am a vibrant type of lady.  What are my choices?