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Archive for January, 2010

Sibling Relations Can Change Over Time

Question: I am the mother of two sons who do no speak to one another.  In my mid-70s, I hope that before I die, they reunite.  This riff has been going on for 10 years.  Do you have any suggestions on what I can do?  I am a very sad “aging” mother.  

Lifestyle Changes Promote Longevity

Question: I am worried about a close friend, age 67, who has suffered a number of ailments over the past few years including arthritis, a hip replacement and cancer.  Fortunately she has recovered well but, in the meantime, is physically inactive and gained about 75 pounds.  It’s the latter that worries me.  How can I […]

Any Way You Approach It, ‘Elderhood’ Is a Stage of Life

Question: I appreciate and enjoy your positive approach to aging. Yet, every morning when I get up, I am reminded that I’m 60 years old.  Once upon a time I would jump out of bed, put on my running shoes and go for a long run. Now, I have to make the decision – shall […]

Gerontologist Enumerates His Responsibilities for Old Age

This week’s question is, “Who is responsible for me in my old age?”  The phrase is the title of a book edited by the late geriatrician and Pulitzer Prize winner Dr. Robert N. Butler and Kenzo Kikuni (Springer, 1993) based on a symposium with the same title.