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Archive for September, 2009

Searching for Contentment in Second Half of Life

Question: As a successful engineer, program manager and expert witness, I have always experienced excitement and pleasure from work throughout my life.  This past January, as a 70-year old woman, I decided to take a sabbatical (also known as retirement) from my consulting practice.  It has taken me eight months to clear my desk.  I […]

Bridging a Generation Gap at the Workplace

Question: I am a full-time working woman in my early 70s, with gray hair and a rather robust figure. I feel that my young female office mates in their 30s and 40s are somewhat patronizing. When I wear something they consider fashionable, they make a big fuss – too big a fuss. I also feel […]

Don’t Be Retiring About Retirement – Communicate!

Question: I just retired from a law practice and love every minute of my new freedom.  The daily tennis games, books groups and lunch with friends make this time of life just terrific.  My problem is that my husband, a small-business owner, won’t discuss any part of retirement.  He has made no plans and just […]

Project to Find Work for Seniors

This is one of those times when I come across a project that I believe is relevant to successful aging.  The subject is age and work.  The project is “Tapping Mature Talent,” a national effort to provide career and work opportunities for those 55 and older.  I am providing some training/education for the project. 

Looking at a Variety of Ways to Treat Arthritis

Question: I am 73 years old and suffer from arthritis.  The last thing I want to do is to have surgery or take lots of pills.  I’ve been reading about alternative medicine for pain and am not sure if it would be worthwhile or even safe?  Can you provide some information on this?