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Archive for May, 2009

Consider ‘Age In Place’ As a Housing Option

Question: I am 84 years old, a widow and live in my own two-story home.  I am healthy, walk 2 miles a day, garden, cook, have my grandchildren over for dinner, attend adult education classes, as well as go to movies and theater.  My children worry about me and are “helping me” by taking me […]

Living with purpose is valued more than money, studies show

Question: The current economic condition is creating a bottomless pit it in my belly.  I am one of those who did all of the right things – saved, invested and lived reasonably. Yet, even though I still have savings and investments, I worry about my future and am developing a dim world view.  Is there […]

Steps to Jump-Start Your Energy Level

There is good news.  As we age, fatigue and energy loss is not life sentences.  A Harvard Medical School Special Health Report on “Boosting Your Energy,” describes “A 7-Step Plan to Jump-Start Your Natural Energy” for all ages.