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Archive for March, 2009

Older Workers are Invaluable

I would like to share some information from a conference I recently attended in La Vegas. It was a workforce summit sponsored by the National council on Aging, and was part of a larger conference, titled “Aging in America,” sponsored by NCOA and the American Society on Aging.

Tired of the Word “Retired”

Question: I recently completed teaching my last daylong seminar and found the heavy training demands too much for my ongoing recovery from hip surgery.  People now ask me if I am retired. Although I am 70, it’s hard for me to call myself a retiree, and the term retirement is unappealing.  I don’t want to […]

Separate Bedrooms Are Becoming More Common

Question: I have been married for 40 years. My husband and I recently retired and remodeled part of our home. Upon my husband’s request we now have two bedrooms – one for me and one for him. He says that at our age (I’m 65 and he’s 68), sleeping apart is normal. Is it?

Conversing is Key to Quality ‘Couplehood’

Husband and wife problems can occur in retirement. One woman wrote that she has become irritable, sleeps late, would rather read than watch TV with her husband, and feels unmotivated and exhausted.  She wanted to know how she and her husband could get back on track to quality “couplehood.”  I would like to discuss some […]

Retirement Can Lead to Relationship Problems

Question: My husband and I are retired for two years.  I find my attitude about being at home is changing.  I have become irritable, sleeping late, prefer to read rather than watch TV with my spouse, feel unmotivated and exhausted, have headaches and trouble sleeping.  And we seem to have less to talk about with […]