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Archive for February, 2009

Is It Early Alzheimer’s or Normal Aging?

Question: I have two octogenarian friends who always have had a positive outlook on life. I’ve enjoyed their company.  Recently, they seem emotionally fragile.  They misinterpret my conversations, resist help from me, forget the time I would pick them up for an event and have become argumentative over trivialities – often claiming no one is […]

What to Call Grandmother

Question: My granddaughter is now 6 months old and I still can’t decide what she should call me. I am 63, at the height of my career and attractive (I am told). Grandma or grandmother just doesn’t seem to fit. Am I obsessing or is this a real issue?

Tips for Finding a Home Helper

Question: My 88-year old mother needs a morning caregiver.  She requires help getting up in the morning, dressing, having breakfast, getting a little exercise and perhaps lunch.  We can’t afford a care facility and can’t bear the thought of her being in one again.  Where do we begin?       

Don’t Fret Over 50th Birthday

Question: I am about to turn 50 and am “freaked out.”  I have always been the youngest among my women friends and don’t feel that way anymore.  My friends tell me to think about all I have accomplished and to “get over it.”  Is this a boomer problem?  Can you assist?