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Archive for January, 2009

Caregiving Creates Sibling Conflict

Question: My father is in a nursing home in northern California; I live in southern California.  I can only make quick trips to visit him since I have a full-time job and I need to keep it.  My brother, who lives closer to my father, is resentful that I am not doing more.  He feels […]

Geriatric Comfort, Safety At Home

The task of preparing the home environment when an older loved one with multiple chronic conditions is being discharged from a rehabilitation center or nursing home may seem overwhelming.  Yet there are some steps to take that can bring order and grounding to a complex and emotional situation. 

Preparing for Geriatric Patient’s Move Home

Question: My father is on Medicare and is about to be released from a nursing home and rehabilitation center.  He’s recovering from near death and suffers from diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease and depression.  He lives with his 72-year old brother.  What do we need to have in place when he returns home?  I am […]

Retirees Raising Grandchildren Face Special Challenges

Question: Just when I thought that our grown children were happily married so we could relax and enjoy our retirement, our daughter with two young children told us she is having marital problems.  “He doesn’t love me any more.”  She and the children need a place to stay for an undisclosed time. Our daughter will […]