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Archive for December, 2008

Older Pioneers in Social Change

I recently attended an extraordinary meeting, the Encore Careers Summit at Stanford University.Encore Careers is a campaign, the goal of which is to engage millions of baby boomers in careers that combine social impact, personal meaning and continued income in the second half of life. The expected outcome is a windfall of human talent that […]

Scientists Face Special Concerns When Considering Retirement

Question: I am a 68-year old microbiologist and professor specializing in cancer research with considerable funding. Retirement, on the mind of many of my aging colleagues, is a concern. I am afraid we may be blocking the progress of younger scientists from getting grants, perhaps slowing progress in cancer and other research. We also may […]

This Is Not Your Father’s Retirement, So Plan Accordingly

Question: When I retired a year and a half ago, I looked forward to having time for meaningful volunteer work. I now find my plate is full with fund-raising activities – not my favorite. While working and before the economic downturn, I could financially support organizations where I was a volunteer. Today I cannot. I […]

Make Home Safe to Prevent Falls

In focusing on what you can do to make your home safe, let’s begin with the concept of home modification and universal design. Universal design accommodates all – from small children to older people. What is safe for an older adult is safe for younger and mid-life adults. You may have noticed that most hotels […]