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Archive for November, 2008

Preventing Falls Among Older Adults

Question: My mother is 72 years old, accomplished and fiercely independent. Unfortunately, she recently had a serious fall causing a concussion and a four-day hospital stay. She also had a car accident and a bad fall in the bathroom. I am the son who lives closest to her and the “first call” when there is […]

Depression Is Not Part of the Aging Process

Question: I am seeing a man who is 69 and care about him a great deal. I believe he is depressed and has been for many years. He doesn’t see it and believes therapy is useless because therapists don’t tell you what to do. He also rejects all medications. Is there any way I can […]

Surviving and Thriving Through Difficult Times

Question: I am a 60-year-old divorced woman and full-time educator at a private school. My salary is about to be cut in half because of the economy. I am feeling overwhelmed not knowing the length of my current job, my current income or my retirement income. Any advice on how to mange all of this? […]

Dementia and Bathing

Question: I currently assist an 84-year old woman with early dementia. The housekeeper and I have told her repeatedly that she has an odor and needs to shower, but she refuses. Any suggestions? Answer: Dementia is a progressive brain disease that causes a significant deterioration of intellectual abilities. The two most common forms in older […]