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Facing the Challenges of Alzheimer’s Disease

Dear Readers: I recently returned from the Aging in America conference, presented by the American Society on Aging. One of the most compelling, enlightening and disturbing sessions was on Alzheimer’s disease.  Part of my mission for today’s column is to increase awareness of the challenge and potential crisis that will face us as a nation […]

Tripping Over Issue of Independence

Question: My 83-year old mother took a serious fall in the street that landed her in the emergency ward, intensive care, the regular hospital and finally in rehabilitation.    She is a fiercely independent fabulous lady who walks two miles a day, takes classes at a university, drives and goes to movies, the ballet, museums and […]

Keeping Minds Sharp

Question: Do you have any suggestions on how to find a tutor to help seniors keep their minds sharp?  I am looking for a tutor that would come to my home and work with a senior on a weekly basis – on reading, comprehension, math and other related areas.  We keep reading and hearing how […]

Lifestyle Changes Promote Longevity

Question: I am worried about a close friend, age 67, who has suffered a number of ailments over the past few years including arthritis, a hip replacement and cancer.  Fortunately she has recovered well but, in the meantime, is physically inactive and gained about 75 pounds.  It’s the latter that worries me.  How can I […]

Health Scams

Question: I recently read a number of ads and promotions about quick fixes to health problems. At age 74, I have osteoarthritis, peripheral neuropathy, a heart condition and bad knees. Are these short-cut remedies of any value? 

Trends of the New Retirement

Question: I have been reading a lot about seniors working in retirement.  As a 72-year old educated woman with lots of skills, what do I need to understand about this new time?  I may need to return to work.  

Alcohol Has Greater Effect On Older Adults

Question: I have a good female friend, 72 years old, who drinks about three glasses of wine a day. Since her husband died, she has a third or fourth glass of wine at her bedside and sips it before going to sleep.  She says wine is better than sleeping pills.  Her behavior and activities haven’t […]

Geriatric Comfort, Safety At Home

The task of preparing the home environment when an older loved one with multiple chronic conditions is being discharged from a rehabilitation center or nursing home may seem overwhelming.  Yet there are some steps to take that can bring order and grounding to a complex and emotional situation. 

Preparing for Geriatric Patient’s Move Home

Question: My father is on Medicare and is about to be released from a nursing home and rehabilitation center.  He’s recovering from near death and suffers from diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease and depression.  He lives with his 72-year old brother.  What do we need to have in place when he returns home?  I am […]

Make Home Safe to Prevent Falls

In focusing on what you can do to make your home safe, let’s begin with the concept of home modification and universal design. Universal design accommodates all – from small children to older people. What is safe for an older adult is safe for younger and mid-life adults. You may have noticed that most hotels […]