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Estimating Life Expectancy Not an Easy Task

Question. I am 59-years old and in the process of modifying my financial plan for retirement.  I have no idea how long I will live.  How do we go about making some best guesses?  Do I base my calculations on the age of my parents who both are in their 8os? Answer.  If we only […]

Aging Doesn’t Have to be an Obstacle to Creativity

Question: I have a good friend, age 70, who retired about two years ago as a dynamic international management consultant.  She was creative in so many ways – gourmet cooking, painting, writing and more.  Today, her life appears as a shell of her past.  She focuses on television and her granddaughter and sees few people. […]

Getting Work at an Older Age Can Be a Challenge

Question: I am a 65-year-old woman facing a dilemma. I have a home in the South Bay where I have lived for the past 30 years.  For a variety of reasons, I took a home equity loan which I cannot continue paying.  I have tried to re-finance my home but the bank will not do […]

TV and Advertisers Catering to Older Viewers

Question: Now that I’ve turned 60, I have become more aware of the youth emphasis of television shows.  Recently, however, I’ve noticed a change.  In fact there are a few more shows that I now can relate to.  Is it my imagination or has there been a shift?  A change would be a welcome relief.    […]

Redefining Retirement Has Become a Movement

Question: I am 65 years old and have just been “excessed” from a school where I have been for 31 years.  I am restless while feeling pressure from my friends who tell me I should just get another job or formally retire.  Although I can afford it, I don’t want to retire and not sure […]

Building Blocks for Living Well and Aging Well

Question: I am part of a discussion group of about 12 women. We all are in our 60s and early 70s.  Each month we select a topic to discuss. Our next topic is “How to Stay Young Forever.”  Can you give us some pointers to get us started?    

Dress Standards Vary Among the Generations

Question: I recently moved to Southern California from a large city and am appalled the way people my age and even younger dress. I am retired and still feel it is important to dress well. It makes a statement to others. Furthermore, I find the manners, particularly of younger people, disturbing. I have a grandson […]

Facing Mid-Life Crisis Can Create a Positive Outcome

Question: I am a 49-year-old man and am reacting to some negative things happening all around me. I have aches and pains and recently had to go to the emergency room. My girlfriend’s father just died and my father just had major heart surgery. And some of my friends are facing life-threatening illnesses. It all […]

Keeping Up With the Pace of the Corporate World

Question: I have been in the technology business for 40 years with my current company. I would like to stay but am finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the pace of change in my current role. I’ve received a number of awards from my company and believe I still have value, but the […]

Did You Hear the One About Humor and Longevity?

Question: I recently read an article about a study in Norway that found people who had a sense of humor lived longer.  Any truth to this?  And is poking fun at aging really funny?