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Older Job Seekers Need Flexibility and a Plan B

Question: I am one of those experienced workers you write about with over 24 years of sales background. I have made 24 applications for jobs and nothing.  I patronize stores and see gum chewing, inexperienced, unkempt, cell-phone talking sales associates.    I find that if you are well-spoken, neat, trim and pass all of the tests, […]

Determine Needs Before Searching for a Caregiver

Question: My father-in-law is 98 years old, in good health but with poor eyesight.  After many years of taking care of my mother-in-law and now my father-in-law, I am tired.  To keep him at home, I need some help.  Where do I begin?  Many thanks.

Separating Myth from Fact About Age, Work

Dear readers, Employment is a significant issue on both national and personal levels.  Although surveys indicate that employers have a positive attitude towards older workers, that attitude often has little effect on hiring decisions.  Unfortunately ageism is still alive and well. Instead of a Q & A, I would like to share some facts. Take […]

Couples Should Discuss Retirement Concerns

Question: My wife, a former teacher, has been retired for five years and still hasn’t found her “post-career self.”  I am an engineer about to retire with a concern:  My wife has announced that I better be spending time in my woodshop and that she has her own routine.  We’ve had a good marriage, but […]

Take An Active Role in Financial Matters

Question: I am 81 years old and never managed money. My late husband, a retired surgeon who passed away 10 years ago, made all the financial decisions in our 52-year marriage. Fortunately, my health has been good this past decade. Now I need some help with driving and tasks at home. My oldest son manages […]

For Many Seniors, Home Is Where the Help Is

Question: I am 80 and my husband is 85.  If I should survive my husband, I do not know where I would live.  I cannot imagine living alone in my home.  Being with people and feeling engaged is extremely important to me.  I am a vibrant type of lady.  What are my choices?     

On the Trail of Female Pioneers

Question: I am a 66-year-old female theater producer who was active in the women’s movement in the late ‘60s.  My success has been directly influenced Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem and others.  I know the “up” sides of the women’s movement.  Have there been any down sides?  Just curious. 

The Trials of Baby Boomer Job Hunt

Question: When will I know it’s time to stop looking for a job and accept retirement? After completing two master’s degrees and certificates to practice a career – and years wondering what to do when I grow up – I am sitting here about to turn 60. Did I miss something? When was I supposed […]

What to Do When Someone Dies At Home

Question: A friend and I, both in our late 70s, were discussing what to do if we found our spouse died unexpectedly at home during the night.  It is our understanding that  paramedics will not respond if the person is deceased. Who should we call?  Neither of us could come up with the answer.  Perhaps […]

Baby Boomer’s Status Is Changing

Question: As a 55-year old baby boomer woman, I feel I am at a disadvantage in finding a well-paying job.  Maybe it’s because I never believed age would get in my way.  Weren’t the boomers supposed to have it all?  What happened?