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Working After 50

I would like to share some thoughts as a result from participating in the AARP conference Work@50+ recently held at the Long Beach Convention Center. The attendance was exceptional  – 1,000 people with at least three quarters of them looking for work. It’s one thing to read the unemployment figures to be well informed. It’s […]

Include Social Security in retirement planning

Question: I am 55 years old and thinking about my retirement. Given my projected income, I will have to depend on Social Security to some extent. What are the basic facts and will it be there for me? My friends doubt it. – J.D. Dear J.D.: This topic is a hot one that won’t go […]

‘Elderhood” Can Be A Meaningful Stage Of Life

Question: I am feeling guilty for not being productive in retirement.  Is this just part of the retirement process? Answer: Your question leads to a larger one.  And that is, what exactly are the expectations from someone in retirement, particularly if that someone is older?  Is this a new life stage?

Productivity Is Different, But Still Important, In Retirement

Question. I was the executive director of a nonprofit organization and retired two years ago.   Since then, I have taken up photography and just love it. Yet, there are too many times when I feel guilty for not being productive.  Is this just part of the retirement process?  How do I let go of the […]

Estimating Life Expectancy Not an Easy Task

Question. I am 59-years old and in the process of modifying my financial plan for retirement.  I have no idea how long I will live.  How do we go about making some best guesses?  Do I base my calculations on the age of my parents who both are in their 8os? Answer.  If we only […]

Getting Work at an Older Age Can Be a Challenge

Question: I am a 65-year-old woman facing a dilemma. I have a home in the South Bay where I have lived for the past 30 years.  For a variety of reasons, I took a home equity loan which I cannot continue paying.  I have tried to re-finance my home but the bank will not do […]

Job Hunt Harder for Older Workers

Question: My husband and I are both 58 years old and have had an excellent education. At the moment, we are significantly underemployed. I was very successful with my own business.  My husband had a very successful career in the media. Now I am a part-time librarian at a middle school and my husband is […]

Dress Standards Vary Among the Generations

Question: I recently moved to Southern California from a large city and am appalled the way people my age and even younger dress. I am retired and still feel it is important to dress well. It makes a statement to others. Furthermore, I find the manners, particularly of younger people, disturbing. I have a grandson […]

Keeping Up With the Pace of the Corporate World

Question: I have been in the technology business for 40 years with my current company. I would like to stay but am finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the pace of change in my current role. I’ve received a number of awards from my company and believe I still have value, but the […]

Live-In Family Members Can Put Strain on Elderly

Question: I am 73 years old and live in a small apartment with two grown daughters and an 18-year old grandson.  The daughter in her 50s is working for minimum wage and contributes financially.  The daughter in her 40s recently moved in with me since she lost her job.  Our monthly income is about $3,600.  […]