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Personal Reflections on Being a Caregiver

Dear Readers: This week I would like to share an experience I had as the closing speaker at a 48-hour caregivers retreat.  It was sponsored by the Los Angeles Caregivers Resource Center and held at the Mary & Joseph Retreat Center in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Lives Are More Than the Things We Collect

Question: My husband of 43 years died about two years ago. I am just going through his papers in several file cabinets in my crowded garage. He never threw away a piece of paper. I am in the process of saving and tossing – doing most of the latter. It struck me: Is this what […]

Palliative Care is Humane End-of-Life

Question: My father recently died at the age of 87 in a hospital in the Midwest. His condition was terminal, which, despite his age, was very difficult to accept. After much family discussion, we requested palliative care, which his physician refused. His doctor said he was bound by the Hippocratic Oath. We were distraught. We […]

Remembering the Leading Voice in Field of Aging

A pioneer in the field of aging has died – an exceptional visionary, scientist, humanist, scholar, agent of change and communicator.  This champion was Dr. Robert N. Butler, who died July 4 at age 83.  He worked up until three days before his death. Dr. Butler was the leading voice on issues of longevity and […]

Ways to Smooth the Road Along Caregiving Journey

Over the years I have received many questions about caregiving which resonate in the broadest sense. Former first lady Rosalynn Carter reminds us why.  She said, “There are four kinds of people in this world:  Those who have been caregivers, those who currently are caregivers, those who will be caregivers and those who will need […]

What to Do When Someone Dies At Home

Question: A friend and I, both in our late 70s, were discussing what to do if we found our spouse died unexpectedly at home during the night.  It is our understanding that  paramedics will not respond if the person is deceased. Who should we call?  Neither of us could come up with the answer.  Perhaps […]

Planning End-of-Life Issues ‘Your Way’

Question: I am a 63 year-old woman and a successful business owner.  As an only child without family, I am concerned about who will be there for me in my old age?   I already have a durable power of attorney for health care but feel that is not sufficient.  I’ve been reluctant to address this.  […]