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Getting Work at an Older Age Can Be a Challenge

Question: I am a 65-year-old woman facing a dilemma. I have a home in the South Bay where I have lived for the past 30 years.  For a variety of reasons, I took a home equity loan which I cannot continue paying.  I have tried to re-finance my home but the bank will not do […]

What to Do When Someone Dies At Home

Question: A friend and I, both in our late 70s, were discussing what to do if we found our spouse died unexpectedly at home during the night.  It is our understanding that  paramedics will not respond if the person is deceased. Who should we call?  Neither of us could come up with the answer.  Perhaps […]

Health Scams

Question: I recently read a number of ads and promotions about quick fixes to health problems. At age 74, I have osteoarthritis, peripheral neuropathy, a heart condition and bad knees. Are these short-cut remedies of any value? 

Searching for Contentment in Second Half of Life

Question: As a successful engineer, program manager and expert witness, I have always experienced excitement and pleasure from work throughout my life.  This past January, as a 70-year old woman, I decided to take a sabbatical (also known as retirement) from my consulting practice.  It has taken me eight months to clear my desk.  I […]

Preparing for Geriatric Patient’s Move Home

Question: My father is on Medicare and is about to be released from a nursing home and rehabilitation center.  He’s recovering from near death and suffers from diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease and depression.  He lives with his 72-year old brother.  What do we need to have in place when he returns home?  I am […]